Is Peer Support Therapy?

No. Peer support is offered by someone who has experienced mental health and/or substance use challenges and has been able to recover and live a fulfilling life. Peer Support Specialists have “walked the walk.” Therapy is provided by other professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists.


How can a Peer Support Specialist help me?

Peer Support Specialists at McHenry County NAMI offer free individual mental health support and recovery sessions. They facilitate support groups which can be tailored to meet the group’s needs. Peer Support Specialists facilitate educational, evidence based classes to help people get well and stay well.  They offer free mental health presentations at schools, churches, hospitals, and other organizations to educate the public. Peer Support Specialists are advocates for stigma reduction and promote empowerment and responsibility for all community members at the local, state and national level.



RECOVERY IS achievable and expected at NAMI McHenry County – Don’t believe anything less!