McHenry County Mental Health Board Executive Director Position

McHenry County Mental Health Board Executive Director Position

The McHenry County Mental Health Board is seeking a new Executive Director to oversee day to day responsibilities and coordinate activities for the behavioral healthcare needs of our county and its residents.  The position will be filled by a dynamic individual who has proven abilities to fulfill specific responsibilities as listed below while working closely with staff, board members, government agencies and the community.

The Executive Director (“E.D.”) is the chief executive officer of the Mental Health Board (“Board”) and reports directly to the full Board of Trustees.  The E.D. has primary responsibility for implementing and administering the plans and policies of the Board and managing its day-to-day activities.  The E.D. advises and assists the Board in carrying out its statutory responsibilities and is accountable for the Board’s overall mission and its leadership in the development of the vision for behavioral health services in McHenry County.  The E.D. serves as the Board’s liaison to governing authorities and funded agencies and must effectively collaborate to design and deliver a system of care that meets the behavioral healthcare needs of McHenry County and its residents.  The E.D. is also responsible for the recruitment and retention of a skilled workforce adequate to carry out the Board’s plans and policies.  

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Communicate effectively with the Board and provide timely and accurate information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.
  • Periodic Review & Evaluation of the Board’s services & facilities.
  • Development of continuous written three (3) year plans for Board services and facilities
  • Development & publishing of annual budget.
  • Design and implement the Board’s operating structure, employment pattern and procedures to carry out the day-to-day work of the Board.  Designate tasks and responsibilities to employees with the specific knowledge and skill-set required to successfully achieve assigned outcomes.
  • Manage and supervise the Board’s staff.
  • Consult with funded agencies and County officials regarding the most efficient delivery of Board services.
  • Assist the Board in selection of service providers.
  • Establish and review compliance with employee performance.
  • Annually develop, audit and review contractual performance by funded agencies.
  • Develop and review facility leases and occupancy by others.
  • Provide leadership to County in behavioral health programs.
  • Manage the Planning and funding by the Board and seek new funding.
  • Advocate for the taxpayers and maintain confidentiality in all dealings with the public.
  • Working knowledge of federal and Illinois laws with regard to funding, mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities.
  • Receive and respond to direction from Board.Desirable Attributes Include:
  • A visionary with the highest integrity, who believes in transparency, promotes high ethical values, and works well with the Board, the County Board, State and local officials, agency directors and the community at large.
  • A leader who can effectively allocate resources and is committed to maintaining and fortifying relationships with new and funded agencies on behalf of the community.
  • A professional who demands excellence from staff and represents the MCMHB in a positive approach to the public, well-respected by staff, and an effective organizer.
  • A collaborator that works well in a government setting and understands Roberts Rules of Order, Open Meetings Act, and Freedom of Information; is informed about the agencies providing behavioral/mental health care in our community and can work with them to modify or increase services, an effective problem solver.
  • A mentor who is committed to regular training and career development for self and all staff members.
  • A motivator, who has a high level of energy, promotes teamwork and provides staff and the Board with information, resources, and incentives as well as a respectful and fair work environment.Minimum Professional Background and Experience:Education:  Master’s degree in business administration, behavioral and human services, healthcare administration or public administration

    Experience:  Must have 10 years experience in a behavioral health and leadership settings; Experience in supervision and management of employees is required.  Experience working with public boards is an added advantage.

    Salary Range:  Between $85,000 and $120,000 depending on qualifications.


    If you meet the qualifications and attributes we require and believe you are the best possible candidate for this position, please apply by June 30, 2014 by completing our on-line application.  EOE/ADA.

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