All One-on-One Support is via phone or zoom

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Recovery Support & Family Advocate

Professional guidance to assist in building skills needed to improve well-being and increase quality of life.

Is One-on-One Support Therapy?

No, One-on-One Support is offered by someone who has experienced or is supporting a loved one with mental health and/or substance use challenges and has been able to recover and live a fulfilling life. Recovery Support Specialists and Family Advocates have “walked the walk.” Therapy is provided by other professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists. One-on-One Sessions at McHenry County NAMI are offered at no cost.

How can a Recovery Support Specialist help me?

  • Model Recovery
  • Encourage & motivate progress in recovery & independence
  • Connect people to community and natural supports
  • Facilitate Evidence Based Mental Health Curriculum
  • Guidance through Mental Health local service & systems advocacy
  • Empower self awareness and personal responsibility
  • Inspire people to find meaning and purpose in life

How can a Family Advocate help me?

  • Offer family members safety planning, talk support, and mental health education about their loved one
  • Inform & connect families and individuals to local resources
  • Submit mental health alert forms and record retrieval releases
  • Provide Financial Assistance Forms from local townships and treatment centers
  • Educate family members of their access rights & help navigate through mental health systems


RECOVERY IS achievable and expected at NAMI McHenry County – Don’t believe anything less!