All services, classes and support groups will be virtual only until further notice.

Who? Family Support Group is for adult family members and friends who have a loved one with mental illness. NAMI trained certified facilitators provide peer support in a confidential, supportive setting where information, education, and experiences are shared.

What? Together we deal with the impact that mental illness has made on the lives of our loved ones, as we slowly acknowledge the impact that mental illness has had on our own lives as individuals, couples, parents, siblings and friends. Attending Family Support Group gives us an opportunity to develop an understanding of what role we can actually be effective in, while our loved ones navigate their personal journey of recovery.

Through Group Wisdom, we gradually learn new ways to communicate, develop coping skills, self-care strategies, break the barriers of stigma, overcome denial, and find solutions through the experiences of other participants enduring the same journey.


Family support groups meet weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7pm – 8:30pm.


Virtual Only until further notice. Please register in advance for this meeting.