Membership is not required to attend our support groups or classes.  However, there is strength in numbers and together we can make a difference.  Your tax-deductible membership brings many benefits for our affiliate and yourself. To Join Online, Click HERE.

  • You become a part of an organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with mental illness.
  • Your membership helps support our efforts to provide free support, education, and advocacy.
  • You receive discounts to State and National NAMI conferences and conventions.
  • You receive access to free resources –
    • NAMI Illinois Voice
    • NAMI National Advocate Newsletter
    • Library privileges to our extensive collection of books, video tapes, and CDs in our NAMI Library located at our offices in Crystal Lake.
  • If you decide to volunteer to facilitate one of our programs you receive free training through our State and National organizations.
  • You become a part of the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization.  NAMI is well respected throughout the United States as the expert in helping all citizens to learn about Mental Illness.

Have you ever stopped to think why you should join NAMI?

This NAMI member answered that question this way.

My NAMI membership expires every April and I always renew.  I became a NAMI member in 2001, when my family had its first experience with mental illness.  We were feeling scared, confused and hopeless as our son became more and more lost to us.  Fortunately, we were introduced to NAMI and all that comes with it–amazing programs, dedicated volunteers, a supportive community and online resources.  Today, even though our family is enjoying more peaceful times, I still keep my NAMI membership active and stay involved.

Recently, I was asked, “Why is your NAMI membership important to you?” To help me answer that question, I put together a Top 10 list–David Letterman style–explaining why belonging to NAMI will always be important to me and my family.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be a NAMI Member

10.  It doesn’t cost a lot.  $40 for an individual or $60 for a household is all it takes to join NAMI.

9.  Discounts.  Receive member-only discounts in the NAMI Store and reduced registration fees for the NAMI National Convention.

8.  Excellent articles.  The NAMI Advocate magazine and subscriptions to online newsletters and reports provide important and timely information.

7.  Wide-spread assistance.  Each NAMI membership benefits an extensive network of NAMI Affiliates and NAMI State Organizations as well as the national NAMI organization.

6.  Connect with social media.  OK2Talk, You are Not Alone and NAMI Air create new, important, virtual ways to share, learn and receive encouragement.  Membership dollars help keep these channels open.

5.  Fight stigma.  Membership helps NAMI to present more than 8,000 stigma-busting community awareness presentations each year like NAMI In Our Own Voice and NAMI Ending the Silence.

4.  Aid the NAMI HelpLine.  Membership dues keep the NAMI HelpLine phones and emails answered.  Over 50,000 people contact the HelpLine each year for information and support.

3.  Keep programming free.  Membership helps ensure that NAMI’s programs like NAMI Basics, NAMI Family-to-Family or NAMI Peer-to-Peer, NAMI Family Support Groups  and NAMI Connection stay free to anyone wanting to attend.

2.  People will listen.  The voices of NAMI members strengthen the organization’s impact with leaders and legislators to spread awareness, shape legislation and remove stigmas.

1.  Because NAMI’s mission is to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness.  If this is your passion too, NAMI is where you belong.

How many of these reasons resonate with you?  Are you motivated to become a NAMI member?

Join by Mail

To join NAMI McHenry County, renew your membership, or make a tax-deductible contribution, print out and complete the Membership/Donation Form and mail in with payment.

Please make your check payable to NAMI-MC and send to:

NAMI McHenry County
Attention: Membership
620 Dakota Street
Crystal Lake, IL

We thank you for your support!

If you have any inquiry or questions concerning membership, please contact NAMI McHenry County at 815-308-0851 or [email protected]